April 4, 2022


The origins of modern comics can be traced back to the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Its current form was developed by the American press and is used to this day. Comics, as a genre, combine visual and narrative elements, making them a hybrid of cinema, literature, and drawing. In the twentieth century, comics began to develop their own unique style and qualities, and the film industry eagerly drew inspiration from this medium. 


In communist Poland, comic books were considered a symbol of American imperialism. Despite the fact that censorship severely limited the artists' freedom to create, we can boast of excellent works by Janusz Christa, Henryk Jerzy Chmielewski, and Tadeusz Baranowski. Our auction selection includes very rare and noteworthy comic book covers by these artists, such as the cover for the adventures of warriors Kajko and Kokosz titled "Szranki i konkury" ("Jousting and Courtship").


The adventures of Professor Nerwosolek and his housekeeper Entomologia first appeared in "Świat Młodych" magazine in the 1980s. Our auction offer presents you with a beautiful back cover for the album "Antresolka Professor Nerwosolka" ("Entresol of Professor Nerwosolek").

"Tytus, Romek, i A'Tomek" also enjoys great popularity in Poland. The series was first published in the youth magazine "Świat Młodych" in 1957. Our offer includes two covers for Volumes 7 and 10 are included.


A comic by Tadeusz Raczkiewicz is another unique item that deserves our recognition. This unpublished work is a comic adaptation of "The Deluge," a Polish novel.

Despite the collapse of the comic book market around the turn of the 1980s and 1990s, we now see a resurgence of this art form. The artist Bogusaw Polch and his character Funky Koval, who investigated interplanetary affairs, are particularly notable in this area.


The accomplishments of the classics and masters of comics could be presented to young, talented artists thanks to Łódź conventions. Among them was Andrzej Janicki, who died recently. This cartoonist and comic book writer were known for his dynamic, daring style and black humor. The creator appeared on the comic book scene in the late 1980s. He founded "Awantura" comic book magazine, the first issue was published in 1990. The artist regularly published in Poznań "AQQ" magazine. Janicki was involved in Michał Śledziński's "Produkt" periodical, one of the most important comic book journals in Poland. Janicki became the deputy editor-in-chief of the magazine. Janicki's drawings have appeared in publications such as Bydgoszcz's "Świat Gier Komputerowych," as well as "Bytu," "Atomix," and "SFera." His works were presented at dozens of exhibitions and conventions, as well as in numerous Polish and foreign magazines, such as "Nowa Fantastyka" and "Czas komiksu." The artist's work was published in the monograph "Napalony na komiks" in 2017. Maciej Jasiński, a creator of comic scripts, expert, and popularizer of comics from Bydgoszcz, was the originator and the initiator of the project. He collaborated with Janicki on numerous occasions. The publication, which includes over 200 illustrations, is a cross-sectional review of the artist's work.