Art conservation and restoration




Conserving artwork is an incredibly responsible task that should only be entrusted to the best. When done properly, it helps maintain the artwork's technical condition and offers the opportunity to restore its former brilliance. 


Our specialists approach the conservation of each object with the utmost care. Thanks to years of experience, knowledge, and passion for art, we provide conservation services at the highest level, using modern techniques and materials.



Contact us if you want more information or want to submit artwork for conservation -







We are capable of precisely assessing what treatments a work requires to minimize the conservator's intervention while achieving the best result. We begin with meticulous examinations aimed at determining the actions your object needs to restore its original appearance and preserve its significant artistic values.


Preserving the artist's original intention and the historical integrity of the work are the most important values in the work of our conservators. Therefore, the materials and techniques we employ are specialized, ensuring long-term stability and compatibility with the original artwork.







DESA Unicum specialists engage in the conservation of a wide range of objects, ranging from works by old masters to contemporary art. 


Whether you want to conserve works on canvas, paper, or wood, our specialists will assist you in making the best decisions regarding the necessity and scope of conservation work. We also collaborate with conservators specializing in artistic craftsmanship and sculpture.






DESA Unicum conservators will provide the following services for you:


·      Assessment of the objects' condition 

·      Valuation of conservation work

·      Conservation                         

·      Photographic and descriptive documentation


Additional examinations to determine the condition of artworks:


·      UV photography

·      Infrared photography