Fine art framing




Choose the right frame for your artwork to present it in the best possible way. DESA Unicum specialists will help you find the perfect frame for your artwork.


A properly chosen frame will highlight the qualities of the artwork and emphasize its character, significantly influencing the perception of the image and potentially changing its market value. So, don't hesitate and let DESA Unicum specialists take care of your artwork comprehensively. Whether you want to frame a painting to increase its sales potential or to properly showcase a new addition to your wall, we will help you choose the best solution.


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Provide us with your artwork and tell us your expectations.


Our specialists will present you with possible solutions and advise you on the selection. They will then create visualizations based on the information received and oversee the framing process according to your decision..



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We care about the comfort of our clients, which is why we want to enable framing at the point of purchase, comprehensively and without your involvement. 


The choice to replace a frame is often driven by aesthetic needs. We strive to make the entire process as personalized as possible, with the final result aligning with the client's taste. Our goal is to match the frame with both the artwork and the specific space where it will be displayed.






Choosing a frame is not just about selecting the color and material. We make the choice in a way that not only showcases the artwork effectively but also protects it from damage. Information about the intended location of the artwork gives us a crucial clue about the materials we should use to ensure its safety. We offer frames that maintain the appropriate environment regardless of external factors such as humidity, temperature, or intense light.


In our frames, we use UV-protective glass to prevent the detrimental effects of excessive exposure to sunlight. We also select materials with low reflectivity to ensure an unobstructed view of the artwork. 


The safety of the framing process also involves the use of professional materials. Our specialists create museum frames, using acid-free materials that are safe even for delicate surfaces. 







Regardless of whether you have a contemporary or historical object, our specialists will help you select a frame that complements its character.


We offer a wide range of frames, from traditional to minimalist frames or acrylic frames, to exquisite, exclusive, and intricately decorated options for the most refined tastes. 


A conventional frame may not be suitable for every work, and some pieces may require special care. Upon the client's request, we provide creative solutions that go beyond standard framing services. We assist in selecting and producing custom frames, such as handcrafted frames inspired by historical designs. The results of such efforts can be impressive.