Autonomy of the Artwork

BVLGARI – Synonymous with luxury

The founder of the luxurious Italian brand Bulgari was the talented Greek goldsmith Satirios Voulgaris. In 1881, he settled in Rome, where he opened his first shop three years later. In 1905, another headquarters of the company was established on Via Condotti, which eventually became the brand's showcase. Above the ...

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Anti-heroic and socio-political comics

The political and economic changes of the 1990s shaped contemporary comics in Poland. Titles published in the United States began to reach the country, bringing with them new forms of storytelling, character development, and narratives. Western characters were not as one-dimensional; they were much more complex and often ambivalent. Importantly, ...

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Great names of Polish comic art

Comics made their reappearance in Polish press after World War II, with publications like "Nowy Świat Przygód" and "Express Ilustrowany." However, it quickly became evident that they did not align with the cultural policy of the communist authorities. The stigmatization of comics led to their almost complete disappearance from newspapers, ...

Artists Speak

Blooming painting of the young generation - the work of Ewelina Ulanecka

As part of the "Closer to Art" series, we have the pleasure of introducing the profile of Ewelina Ulanecka, an intriguing painter of the young generation. Her exhibition of works will be on display from September 6th to September 12th. On Saturday, September 9th, you can join a tour guided ...

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