Auctions Records

Polish and international auction records

Polish art has enjoyed numerous astounding sales records in recent years. There are several hundred more artists' works that break sales records each year. Magdalena Abakanowicz, Wojciech Fangor, Andrzej Wróblewski, Jan Matejko, Jacek Malczewski, and Mela Muter are just a few of the many names that appear on the long list of people whose art is increasingly expensive from auction to auction. In addition to collectors, investors are also drawn to works of art because they view the art market as a secure and promising investment with potential growth that is significantly higher than that of real estate or other investment alternatives.

Polish art market

The Polish art market is in a period of rapid expansion, as evidenced by new record-breaking sales of works by Polish painters and sculptors in auction houses. Despite changes in the economy and the pandemic, which paradoxically significantly accelerated this growth, this situation has persisted for 20 years. Polish art, which has long been undervalued, is now slowly taking its rightful place and drawing both Polish and foreign collectors and investors. The majority of Polish art market records are set at the DESA Unicum auction house, including the highest priced painting, "Portrait of a Lady" by Peter Paul Rubens, and the highest priced contemporary piece, "Two Married Women" by Andrzej Wróblewski.