Investment Advice




DESA Unicum offers professional advice on investing in works of art. We assist in both buying and selling works of art, artisanry, jewelry, design, or furniture.
We serve both individual and corporate clients.



We know everything about art market trends, whether you are interested in the classic offerings of well-known names or the works of promising young artists. Investment advisory is a service that will bring new quality to your collection, whether you want to expand it or are just starting to create it.






We will help you choose from the rich auction and private sale offerings an object that:

•    meets your aesthetic expectations
•    fits within your budget limit
•    stands out for its high artistic class
•    may be a good investment 


Our staff can also represent you at auctions and make purchases on your behalf. And when the chosen object becomes your property, we will advise you on how to transport it, frame it, subject it to conservation treatments, and even how to exhibit and illuminate it.


Feel free to contact our Client Advisors - together we will determine how we can help you create and expand your art collection. 








Małgorzata Nitner Head of Sales +48 22 163 67 02 +48 514 446 892
Kinga Szymańska Vice Head of Sales +48 698 668 221






DESA Unicum provides comprehensive care for both private and institutional collections. Our specialists offer advice on auction sales strategy and support you in shaping your collection. 


In collaboration with collectors, we provide: 

•    collection inventory
•    photographic documentation and descriptions of objects
•    ongoing assessment of new objects in the collection
•    the possibility of cataloging owned works of art
•    conservation consultations 
•    insurance intermediation 


Collection care is covered by a guarantee of data confidentiality, ensuring that information about the scale and value of the collection is fully secure. The costs of procedures related to the documentation of the entire collection and ongoing care are agreed upon individually.

For the full offer, please contact our customer advisors.