Investment Advice

DESA Unicum offers professional advice concerning investments in works of art. We assist in the purchase and sale of works of art, craftsmanship, jewellery, cars, porcelain and furniture. 

We carefully monitor and follow the current trends in the art market, in both established and emerging markets. Investment advice is a unique service aimed at enhancing the quality of your collection. 

We will help you choose from a wide range of auction, gallery and antique offers an item that: 

  • fulfils your aesthetic expectations 
  • falls within the financial limit you have set for yourself 
  • is distinguished by its artistic merit 
  • may be a good investment based on market performance 

Our employees can also represent you at auctions and make purchases on your behalf. And once the selected item becomes your property, we will advise you how to transport it, frame it, what conservation measures should be used, and even assist with physical display of the work. 

We encourage you to contact our Customer  Service- together we will determine how to help you create and expand your collection of works of art.