Art valuation




If you own a piece of art or artistic craftsmanship whose value you are unsure of, commission us for an appraisal. The appraisal will be conducted by the DESA Unicum Valuation Committee. If you are considering selling the artwork through us, this service is completely free. 



Take advantage of our free and user-friendly online appraisal service. Just provide the information and attach photos. Our specialists will analyze your submission and provide preliminary estimates for items that may be included in our sales. Click here to get started!




Object valuation


The education and experience of DESA Unicum experts allow us to offer the highest level of service while maintaining strict confidentiality standards. Our excellent knowledge of the art market enables us to respond to its dynamic changes and adjust appraisals to current conditions.


At the same time, we advise on how to sell artwork to maximize profits.


We will guide you through the entire appraisal and sales process.



Preliminary estimates of the object's value can be made based on its description and photos, which you can provide to us: 

•    by email to 
•    by postal mail to: ul. Piękna 1A, 00-477 Warszawa (Warsaw, Poland) 
•    using the form 
•    in person at the Admission Office at Piękna 1A in Warsaw, during office hours: Mon-Fri 11-19 (11 AM-7 PM CET) and Sat 11-16 (11 AM-4 PM CET).



Valuation of the collection



DESA Unicum specialists can also, upon request from individual or institutional collectors, compile and appraise entire art collections.


The cost of appraising a collection is determined individually. 


DESA Unicum, as the first on the Polish art market, organizes auctions of private and institutional collections. If you would like to read more about the Auction of Collections project and our organized auctions, please see the link below.  


Feel free to contact our expert to discuss the possibilities and terms of collection valuation. Send to:



Written valuation



We also provide written appraisals necessary for exporting artwork abroad, insurance purposes, and other legal actions.


The cost of a written appraisal is 3% of the estimated value of the artwork + VAT, but not less than 100 PLN + VAT. Each client receives a written appraisal document with a photo from us.


Our appraisal documents are respected by government authorities, customs services, financial institutions, and insurance brokers. We evaluate both individual pieces and large collections that include works from various art fields, from private collections to museum and institutional ones.






Jewelry valuation



Jewelry appraisals are conducted once a week, on Wednesdays from 13:30 to 17:30 (1:30 PM to 5:30 PM CET), at the DESA Unicum headquarters at Piękna 1A in Warsaw.


Please send the admissions for jewelry appraisals and inquiries by e-mail to


For more detailed information, please contact Magdalena Kuś by phone - 795 122 718.