Private Sale




Unique collections deserve personalized care, so for art connoisseurs, in addition to auction sales, DESA Unicum offers Private Sales. This is a form of sale designed for collectors looking for specific objects outside the auction market.


Upon the client's special request, we source and offer dream objects for private sale: 

  • sourced through our contacts, 
  • directly from private collections,  
  • at a convenient time, 
  • regardless of the auction calendar, 
  • maintaining full transaction discretion. 

This way, you have a chance to acquire a work of art you dream of but that doesn't appear on the auction market. 

Private Sales are also a proposition for sellers who want to sell their work of art exclusively through direct sales, bypassing auctions. 



About Private Sales


Our knowledge of art history, international contacts in the auction market, and the many years of experience of DESA Unicum specialists in selling luxury goods allow us to effectively acquire objects on your behalf.


For nearly 30 years, we have maintained close relationships with collectors in Poland and abroad, giving us privileged access to rare and unique works of art

Our specialists will use their established network of contacts to shape your collection and facilitate discreet sales at a time that suits you.  


DESA Unicum assists collectors not only in acquiring but also in selling works of art. Whether you are looking for a specific work to add to your growing collection or want to sell, our qualified team is ready to provide advice and support in this area. We conduct private sales in various categories, including works of art, sculptures, jewelry, design, and more.



Contact a DESA Unicum specialist to learn more about current buying and selling opportunities or to get support for your collecting needs.





Małgorzata Nitner Head of Sales +48 22 163 67 02 +48 514 446 892
Kinga Szymańska Vice Head of Sales +48 698 668 221




For more detailed information on buying and selling privately, you can also refer to the frequently asked questions:


How do you find an object I'm interested in?

Thanks to our constant and trusted contacts with the most important collectors and collections, we have unparalleled access to acquiring unique works of art on your behalf. 

When and what works can I buy in a private sale? How can I find out what is currently for sale?

Private sales are available throughout the year, regardless of the auction calendar. We offer works from all categories of our auctions.   

Contact our Customer Advisor to find out about objects currently available for private sale.   

We also invite you to check our current auction offer, available in the Auctions section. 

How does the level of discretion in private sales differ from bidding at an auction?

We never disclose the identity of the buyer unless the client explicitly wishes for it to be published. During auctions, we publicly announce the prices of the objects sold. In private sales, all aspects are kept strictly confidential. 

Can I buy a work directly from the gallery's offer?

Yes, you can purchase any of the works from the gallery's offer. 

How quickly will you find an object that matches my expectations?

We will make every effort to quickly find an object that best suits your needs. However, the time may vary depending on the rarity and uniqueness of the object. Our specialists will search for potential opportunities for private sales until your requirements are met. 

How do I pay for my purchase?

After our specialists acquire the work of art you want to buy, your Customer Advisor will prepare the contract, payment instructions, and a shipping estimate (if personal pickup is not possible). We accept cash, card payments, or bank transfers.