Private Sale

We believe that every collection deserves special care and that is why we provide Private Sales services. It is a personalized services offering an opportunity to acquire  items based on your specific needs. All of our Private Sales are conducted with the highest degree of confidentiality to meet the expectations of our most demanding clients.  

Our art historical expertise and years of experience in the art market make us a particularly well-suited choice for demanding collectors and large institutions. We maintain a robust network of professional relationships with prominent private collectors both within and outside of Poland. 

We invite you to contact our Art Advisory team, who can share more details about the opportunities to buy and sell using our Private Sales services. 


Private Sales FAQ  

How do you find a specific object that I am interested in?

Thanks to our well-developed professional network of private collectors and institutional collections, we have unparalleled possibilities to acquire exceptional works of art on your behalf. 

When and what kind of artwork can I buy through private sales? How can I find out what is currently on sale?

Private Sales team is at your disposal throughout the whole calendar year and operates independently of the auction calendar. 

Please contact one of our Customer Advisors to find out about the items currently available for private sale.  

We also invite you to familiarize yourself with the current auction offer, which is available in the Auctions tab.  

Are Privates Sales confidential? Do you release the sales records to the general public?

We never disclose the identity of the buyer, unless the customer wishes to do so. While prices achieved during auctions are made public, all aspects of Private Sales are kept strictly confidential. 

Can I buy an artwork directly from the gallery offer?

Yes, all the works from the gallery offer can be purchased.  

How quickly can you find the item that matches my expectations?

We will do our best to quickly find the item that best suits your needs, but depending on the rarity and uniqueness of the item, the time may vary. Our specialists will look for potential private sales opportunities until they meet your requirements. 

How can I pay for the purchase?

After our specialists have acquired a work of art that you wish to buy, your Customer Service representative will prepare a contract, payment instructions, and a shipping estimate if it is not possible to collect the item in person. Payments are accepted in cash, by credit card or bank transfer.