Museum Services




The mission of DESA Unicum is to popularize art. We achieve this through activities that support cultural institutions.



If you want DESA Unicum to address the unique needs of your organization, we invite you to contact us.



Regarding the acquisition of objects:



Małgorzata Nitner Head of Sales +48 22 163 67 02 +48 514 446 892

In terms of educational and charitable activities:


Artur Dumanowski Head of Consignments and Auction Projects +48 22 163 66 42 +48 795 122 725





•   We support museums in obtaining sponsors and funds that enable the purchase of outstanding works of art and allow the development of Polish and foreign collections

•    We acquire works of art for permanent museum collections and temporary exhibitions. We search for the best museum-quality works of art, both on the Polish and foreign markets and in private collections

•    We collaborate with museums worldwide, offering them the most interesting works of Polish classical and contemporary art

•    We assist institutions in expanding their collections through auctions, private sales, or negotiating exchanges and deposits

•   We connect institutions seeking works for upcoming exhibitions with collectors interested in showcasing their art to the public

•   We mediate in the exchange and purchase of private deposits. We assist in organizing temporary exhibitions by facilitating the loan of objects from private collectors


•   We assist in assessing the market value of works of art or estimating insurance amounts 


•   Registered museum representatives participating in auctions always have the right of preemption for works they want to acquire for their collections.







•    We organize charitable projects – we have helped conduct over a hundred auctions, the proceeds of which were allocated to charitable purposes, including museum activities

•    We hire auctioneers for charity auctions, helping raise millions annually for the statutory purposes of museums

•   We engage in the educational activities of museums and universities by conducting lectures on the art market.

•   We host museum groups for guided tours and thematic lectures.


Results of collaboration


Through our collaboration, we have managed to acquire such outstanding works for museum collections as: