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Phenomenon of Young Art

Spectacular results, exceptional talents, great achievements of a new generation of artists. Young Art Auctions are not only exciting but, above all, they meet the expectations of both collectors and the artists themselves. The formula of the project is often the beginning of a remarkable artistic adventure. 

Young Art plays a very important role on the Polish art market. It is characterized by three main objectives. Auctions of Young Art aim to promote beginner artists - young, talented creators whose first steps in the world of the art market often take place at the auctions. One of our most important missions is the promotion of collecting art, which is why these events also contribute to encouraging communion with art. Opening the market for young art allowed numerous young collectors and art enthusiasts to freely participate in the auctions. Thanks to the formula of the auctions, numerous people started their adventure with collecting art. In addition, these events were often a springboard to success for the artists collaborating with us. The interest in the works by young artists is not diminishing. On the contrary, it is growing from year to year. 


"Emerging art is one of the most dynamically developing market segments today, and the items that go under the hammer quickly gain in value. This is a great opportunity for people who want to start investing in art, and who do not have considerable means. The satisfaction from owning a painting or a sculpture is even bigger when you have the possibility of following the author's promising career.

– Agata Szkup, President of DESA Unicum.

Last year, average prices of the auctioned items increased by 30 percent compared to the previous year. In the years 2015 – 2021, during which we organized at least 12 auctions per year, a total of over 6.8 thousand items went under the hammer at 103 auctions of young art, with the turnover amounting to almost PLN 20 million. Since the beginning of 2021, DESA Unicum has included over 1,000 works by young artists in its offer, the total value of which was over PLN 4 million. As many as 96% of them were purchased. The average price of a single work amounted to almost PLN 4,000, which is an increase of 70% compared to the price level from six years ago. Young Art is also the first project of DESA Unicum which introduced the formula of online pre-bidding in addition to on-site auctions.

Young art, created in the 21st century, is represented by a large group of talented artists, who can boast of their solo exhibitions and prestigious awards. Many of them have already gained the status of the stars on the collectors' market, with their works being valued at tens of thousands. Such prices were achieved by the works of, among others, Bartlomiej Koter, "Séquence de piano. Paris" (PLN 42,000), Katarzyna / Orno Orońska, "Caput cum nubibus" (over PLN 38,000), Dariusz Grabuś, "House near Ocean" (PLN 54,000).

In addition to recognizable creators, it is also worth paying attention to artists debuting at our auctions, following their development, achievements, and successes at the auctions. Many of them follow the path which we managed to collectively set out throughout the years. We can pride ourselves on promoting the youngest generation of artists who collaborated with DESA Unicum for a long time, e.g. Anna Zalewska, Grzegorz Klimek, Aleksandra Staniorowska, or Agnieszka Zabrodzka. Currently, their works enjoy a strong and stable position on the art market.

The Young Art project, carried out by DESA Unicum for almost 14 years, is dedicated to supporting and promoting artists making their debut on the art market.


The on-site and online auctions gave considerable publicity to young creators, allowing them to establish contacts with collectors and enthusiasts of painting and sculpture. Our selective approach to works presented at each auction allows DESA Unicum to present you with an offer consisting of the most interesting items currently available on the market. It helps our customers familiarize themselves with interesting collections representative of current trends. Young Art opens up new opportunities, it aims at serving young artists and their enthusiasts, providing joy from interacting with the works of art, as well as making them as popular and accessible as possible. 

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