June 23, 2021

Great Results at the auction "Art Now. Curator's Choice"


The curator of yesterday's "Art Now. Curator's Choice" auction was Michał Zaborowski, considered to be one of the most interesting contemporary artists in Poland right now. The auctions from this unique series are aimed at all those who enjoy contemporary art the most: its enthusiasts and collectors. The auction turnover amounted to almost PLN 350 thousand.


A painting by Anna Zalewska "Dni były puste gdy z rzeczywistości sen rzeźbiłem" sold for nearly PLN 46 thousand and became the artist's most expensive work


The same applies to the work "Moliere" from the series "Metro" by Piotr Tchaikovsky. This work also reached the amount of nearly PLN 46,000, becoming the most expensive-sold work of the painter.


During yesterday's auction Julita Malinowska also broke the record for her most expensive sold work. Her painting "Judgment I" reached the price of PLN 18 thousand. 


An exceptional debut was the sale of Marceli Adamczyk's painting "Ikona błyskawicy ze słownika emoji iOS". The work was bought for over PLN 13 thousand.


Thank you for participating in the auction. Congratulations on your successful bidding and we would like to invite you for the next auctions from the series: Art Today. Curator's Choice.


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The Auction Results