March 19, 2021

Early Art Wanted


Collectors have many reasons to profile their collections towards old art. On the one hand, the motivation is the aesthetic, and on the other - the investment. Especially in uncertain times, investing capital in an alternative way such as in works of art, especially value-resistant old art - is a safe investment.


The offer of yesterday's auction: "Early Art. 19th century, Modernism, Interwar" featured museum class works, such as two canvases by Jacek Malczewski, and their presence aroused great emotions. This huge interest was reflected in the auction, as its total turnover amounted to nearly PLN 10 million. It is worth mentioning that this is half more than the corresponding auction from 2020, which at that time was already a great success. It is an irrefutable proof of how dynamically the art market in Poland is growing.


The work of Jacek Malczewski "Orpheus and Eurydice" was the most expensive piece sold at the auction. The painting can be safely assessed as one of the most outstanding works of the artist appearing on the auction market so far. The works was sold for over PLN 2.8 million.


The record amount was achieved by auctioning the Young Poland work "Orka" by Włodzimierz Tetmajer, about the fashionable theme of the countryside and folklore, and at the same time one of the best works by the artist. The work was purchased for over PLN 1.2 million, setting a sales record for the artist's work.


The work of Feliks Wygrzywalski, with a meaningful symbolism referring to mythology, also aroused great interest - it was sold for PLN 120 000, thus breaking a sales record for this artist.


Congratulations on your successful bidding!


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