Auction Year 2020 in DESA Unicum in numbers


It was a record year. The auction turnover at DESA Unicum amounted to nearly PLN 200 million, which allows us to maintain the title of the leader on the Polish auction market for the ninth consecutive year. We organized 150 auctions, 63 of them were online auctions. We also recorded spectacular records - among them the biggest is the sale of Wojciech Fangor's painting "M22" for nearly PLN 7.3 million. It is currently the most expensive painting in Poland and the most expensive painting by this outstanding artist in the world. Nearly 4.5 million zlotys were paid for the canvas by Tamara Łempicka, which became the most expensive work of the painter in Poland, and for the canvas "Children and animals" by Tadeusz Makowski.



Record results at Desa Unicum in 2020

nr 1

an unrivaled leader of the auction market for the last 9 years

196 mln zł

yearly auction turnover


auctions -The most in Poland (including 63 online auction)



Desa Unicum - the leader of polish auction market


our share in the auction market


increase in turnover compared to 2019


of all art auctions in Poland were held at DESA Unicum



Record year 2020 at DESA UNICUM


number of sold objects

196 mln zł

yearly turnover at the auctions


number of objects sold for over 1mln zł



Record sales in 2020 - modern art


number of sold objects

80,5 mln

turnover at modern art auctions


number of objects sold for over 1mln zł



Record sales in 2020 - non-contemporary art


number of sold objects

67,2 mln

turnover at non-contemporary art auctions


number of objects sold for over 1mln zł



Auction records at Desa Unicum in 2020

7,3 mln

the most expensive piece of art sold in Poland, Wojciech Fangor, M22, 1969

4,5 mln

the most expensive painting by a Polish female artist, Tamara Łempicka, Czytająca I, ok. 1951

4,5 mln

the most expensive piece of non-contemporary art sold (ex aequo): Tadeusz Makowski, "Dzieci i zwierzęta", 1928



New types of auction records at Desa Unicum in 2020

1,3 mln

the most expensive musical instrument: the piano Steinway & Sons, ~1937, from the collection of Władysław Szpilman

2,8 mln

the most expensive coin: Zygmunt III Waza, 50 crown ducats , 1621, Mennica Bydgoszcz, Samuel Ammon

520 000

the most expensive fabric: Magdalena Abakanowicz, "Dorota", 1965



Charity auctions at desa unicum in 2020

850 000

the most expensive piece of art sold at a charity auction: Juliana Fałat, Wyjazd na polowanie, 1898

2,67 mln

charity auctions turnover


number of objects sold at charity auctions


22 december 2020

Record young polish artists auction


The result of the December auction of Young Polish Artists at the DESA Unicum Auction House exceeded all expectations. The total value of the auctioned objects amounted to almost PLN 550 thousand, and set a record for auctions of this type in Poland.




10-17 december 2020

Record-breaking two sessions of non-contemporary auctions


Spectacular finale of two auction sessions: Old masters. 19th century and modern art at DESA Unicum. The total turnover was nearly PLN 27.4 million.




10 december 2020



Sales record for the painting by the Queen of Art Déco. The canvas "Reading I" by Tamara Łempicka - the most expensive Polish artist and the third most expensive artist in the world - was sold at DESA Unicum at the Old Masters. 19th Century and Modern Art for almost 4.5 million PLN!




10 december 2020



World auction records for works by Bolesław Cybis and Tadeusz Makowski were broken at DESA Unicum! During the Old Masters. 19th Century and Modern Art, Tadeusz Makowski's painting "Children and animals" was sold for PLN 4.5 million. On the other hand, "Nativity in Łowicz", considered to be the most outstanding painting by Bolesław Cybis, was sold for nearly 1.6 million pln. These are currently the most expensive works by these artists on the world art market.




10 december 2020

Gottlieb's painting, found after over 100 years later, went to the Polin Museum


The "Self-portrait in Polish nobleman's dress" by Maurycy Gottlieb, considered lost, will enrich the permanent exhibition of the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews.




26 november - 3 december 2020

Three Record-breaking sessions of modern art auctions


30 million PLN! This spectacular turnover was brought about by three sessions of contemporary art auctions: Post-War & Contemporary Art, Post-War and Contemporary Art. Op-Art and Geometric Abstraction, Post-War & Contemporary. Installations - Environment - New Media




3 december 2020

Fangor broke his own record!


7.3 million PLN! This absolute sales record was achieved by Wojciech Fangor's "M22" rosette at the auction: Contemporary Art. Op-Art and Geometric Abstraction in DESA Unicum. It is the highest amount obtained for a work of art at an auction in Poland and at the same time the most expensive-sold artist's work in the world.



30 november 2020

The most expensive coin in Poland


For over 2.8 million PLN, 50 crown ducats of Sigismund III Vasa from 1621 were auctioned at the auction of the Collection of Polish Gold Coins 1535 - 1925 at DESA Unicum. This is a record amount paid for a coin in Poland. The total turnover of the auction was over PLN 8 million.




26 november 2020

Pągowska, Dobkowski, Tatarczyk - new world records for avant-garde classics


Over 7.3 million PLN was the turnover of the auction: Post-War & Contemporary Art after 1945. As a result of the auction, "Composition" by Maria Jarema, reached 732 thousand. PLN. Sales records for paintings by Teresa Pągowska, Jan Dobkowski and Tomasz Tatarczyk were also broken.




19 november 2020

Exclusive auction of Edgar Degas sculptures


Sculptures by one of the world's greatest artists, Edgar Degas, appeared on the Polish auction market for the first time. More than 70 impressive bronze sculptures could be viewed and auctioned at DESA Unicum at the auction: Edgar Degas. Sculptural Atelier.




30 october 2020

World auction record for a sculpture by Igor Mitoraj


Over 2.7 million PLN is a sales record for Igor Mitoraj's work on the world market. For this amount, Igor Mitoraj's "Ikaria" from the mBank collection was sold at the DESA Unicum auction. The total turnover of the auction amounted to over PLN 8.5 million.




15 october 2020

Record sales at a photography auction


The most recognizable photo in history, Steve McCurry's iconic "Afghan Girl" photography has sold for over 283,000 PLN at the auction: Photography Classics and Avant-garde at DESA Unicum. A moving portrait of an Afghan girl has become the most expensive photo at an auction in Poland.




29 september 2020

A controversial painting by Bogacka sold for a record amount


118,000 PLN is the amount for which Agata Bogacka's painting "Yes" was sold at the Polish Contemporary Art. The New Generation after 1989 auction, causing a wave of controversy. It is the artist's most expensive work. The picture caused a great stir, and was widely commented on in the media, and the discussion around it on DESA Unicum's Facebook account included almost 1000 comments.




22 september 2020

Over a million zlotys for Szpilman's piano


2.5 million PLN was the turnover of the record-high memorabilia auction on the Polish market: Władysław Szpilman. Composer's cabinet. A considerable amount, 1.3 million PLN was paid for a Steinway piano belonging to this outstanding pianist. It is currently the most expensive musical instrument sold in Poland.




21 september 2020

Unique Recital by Yulianna Avdeeva


The auction : Wladyslaw Szpilman. Composer's cabinet was preceded by an extraordinary event. For a group of collectors and music lovers, DESA Unicum organized a concert with works by Fryderyk Chopin and Władysław Szpilman, performed by the outstanding Russian pianist, Yulianna Avdeeva. The artist played an antique Steinway piano that once belonged to the artist.





25 june 2020

mbank collection auction


An unusual rarity on the Polish art market. The collection of mBank's works of art, built over the years, was auctioned off at DESA Unicum. The offer included works by the museum class of the most outstanding Polish artists, and the entire collection comprised an extraordinary story about Polish artistic creativity. The auction turnover amounted to over PLN 5 million. Józef Brandt's painting "Pospolite ruszenie u Brodu" was sold for over 1.7 million zlotys.


Czytaj więcej


4 june 2020

Jacek Malczewski's "Spring" returns after over than 80 years


After more than 80 years, one of the most outstanding female portraits by Jacek Malczewski, last seen at the Palace of Arts in Krakow shortly before the outbreak of World War II, appeared at the DESA Unicum exhibition. 'Spring' was purchased for over 2.4 million PLN at the Old Masters, 19th Century and Modern Art in June.



28 may 2020

The bluest auction this year


A treat for all of those that love blue! Classic Blue, the shade of the sky at dusk, is the color of 2020 according to the Pantone Institute. It became an inspiration for the first exhibitions and auctions in Poland devoted exclusively to one color.




18 may 2020

Art goes outside


Over 1,000 works of art have found their way unexpectedly in the space of the city that comes to life after the lockdown. 1000 reproductions of street art works appeared in unusual places - as stickers on vegetables and fruits in local shops, posters in cafes, decorations of take-out coffee cups, stickers in flower shops and finally also on sidewalks. All this so that art accompanies us in returning to normalcy. DESA Unicum is responsible for the action.




21 april 2020

The most expensive fabric in Poland


The first auction in Poland devoted entirely to artistic fabric was held at DESA Unicum. For the record-breaking over half a million, Magdalena Abakanowicz's fabric "Dorota" was auctioned off, gaining the status of the most expensive-sold fabric in the country.




18-19 april 2020

Desa Design Days - viewership record


Over 20,000 - that's how many times our live broadcasts have been watched during Desa Design Days. This numerous presence is a testimony to us that even during a pandemic, when we stay at home for the common good, we can still successfully meet in the virtual world.





26 march 2020

A record amount for a set of 5 figures by Magdalena Abakanowicz


In 2019, the installation "Caminando" by Magdalena Abakanowicz was auctioned off for over 8 million PLN, thus setting an absolute sales record for a work of art in Poland. At the March auction: Sculpture and Spatial Forms, another work of this world-renowned artist, Collection of 5 Figures, achieved a considerable result of 2.36 million PLN.




20 march 2020

Art enters homes


The epidemiological situation presented us with unusual challenges and forced the art market to modify its forms of activity. The protection of our clients and the team is and has been a priority for us, both in terms of health and economy. Desa Unicum has not stopped working. We created virtual exhibitions, interesting articles, online auctions, trainings in the field of art market and films in which we talked about exceptional artists and interesting objects presented in our offer.




17 march 2020

Meeting with members of the legendary Gruppa


Absurd and grotesque - this is Gruppa's response to the gray reality of the People's Republic of Poland. At DESA Unicum, a meeting was held with members of this legendary formation - one of the most interesting artistic phenomena of the 1980s - Jarosław Modzelewski, Paweł Kowalewski, Marek Sobczyk, Ryszard Woźniak and Ryszard Grzyb, as well as collector Werner Jerke. The event preceded the auction: Gruppa.


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13 january 2020

A great auction for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity



1,160,000 PLN -  was the total turnover of the second edition of the auction of works of art for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity at DESA Unicum. Nearly 120 items were auctioned off, some of them came from the mBank collection. All proceeds from the auction were donated to the purchase of the most modern devices to save the lives and health of children.