Young Art. Azure, Turquoise, and Blue


Young Art. Azure, Turquoise, and Blue

Our March Auction of Young Art offers a wide range of works in blue. They are cool and calm in their styling, recording the artistic sensations and afterimages evoked by the ending winter. Both abstract works and landscapes emanate harmony and elegance.


The current offer includes many works by the regulars of the Young Art Auction, as well as new creators. The work by Katarzyna (Orno) Orońska "Libertatis Quaerendae" is particularly noteworthy. It is maintained in a fairytale style, typical of the artist. Adam Wątor's painting "Reflection" is also an interesting work of art. The elaborated technique and unique style allowed the artist to reflect the delicacy and grace of his model. Enthusiasts of portraits may be intrigued by Paweł Porada's "Thoughtful" , rendered in a graphic-like style, characteristic of the artist. The "Almond Tree" by Romuald Musiolik is also worth taking a closer look. The compositions by this artist, inspired by photography and urban landscapes which are deliberately devoid of excess silhouettes and shapes, draw viewers' attention with their mystery. 

Our offer also includes many abstract works. The compositions by female and male artists reflect various moods and thoughts. The sensitivity of the creators is expressed both through intricately outlined, geometric compositions and intuitive manifestations of pure expression. This month, we would like to present you with the rich offer of blue young art.

Using painting and his unique marker pen technique, Filip Moszant expresses emotions and feelings. Verbalization is defeated in the clash with the language of art, which materializes the inner state of mind and ephemeral impressions. While drawing, the artist gets in touch with the hitherto-unknown part of himself. He does not plan the final effect, the artist is carried by his intuition and the subsequent result. For Filip Moszant, intuitive art is a method of self-discovery. By creating, he tries to go beyond the learned patterns of thinking and reach out to the hidden and unknown. The stream of feelings and emotions flowing through his consciousness finds an outlet in abstract and colorful compositions. Splashing, colorful layers most accurately record the feelings of a given moment. Filip Moszant was born in 1987 in France. He is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Bordeaux and Warsaw. His diploma works appeared at the exhibition of the Best Diplomas of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw Coming Out 2017. In 2021, he participated in the Bielska Jesień project – a nationwide review of young Polish art.

When creating his colorful, geometric compositions, Michał Jancik enters his own world, in which he takes control of the art around him. Precision attracts, forces, and motivates him to maintain symmetry, geometric consistency, and color balance. Even the slightest mistake can waste all the effort. By observing, deducing, and imitating, he seeks his own methods and techniques to present what has so far appeared only in his imagination. The artist speaks about his inspirations in the following words, "I present the world of op-art, which I reached following my fascination with the works by Jan Ziemski, from the inside, in a large close-up. Using the technique of painting shadows, I rediscover the possibilities provided by circles – the most perfect geometric shapes in the Universe". Michał Jancik was born in Krakow in 1974. He has been painting for 25 years. He transfers onto the canvases his emotions emerging from the observation of the surrounding world, preferring non-figurative scenes from the border of op-art. He is inspired by the works of, among others, Marek Grotjahn, Jan Ziemski, Wojciech Fangor.

Joanna Półkośnik draws inspiration from the enchanting nature – birds and animals inhabiting the artist's hometown. On her canvases, Półkośnik attempts to capture their grace, movement, and lightness. The artist paints both intricately elaborated animal silhouettes depicted against a monochromatic, intense background, as well as more abstract floral compositions. Joanna Półkośnik was born in 1981. She graduated from the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning of the Białystok University of Technology. Throughout her entire life, the artist has been associated with the Podlasie region, where she lives and creates. She likes to observe nature, birds, and animals, which are the main motifs of her works. She participated in many solo and collective exhibitions, including "Wolność w kolorze" at the Pragaleria Gallery in Warsaw in 2017 or "Zima'' at the Marchand Art Gallery in Białystok in the same year.

Majewski is a painter, drafter, director, author of animated films, and an enthusiastic amateur surfer. At the beginning of his creative journey, he focused on creating paintings inspired by social media and the content published there. This is how his original series of "YouTube Screenshots" was created. Currently, he paints marine landscapes. He draws inspiration, in particular, from his experience in surfing. His canvases reflect the atmosphere of water sports and communion with nature. As he himself says, "Surfism is a philosophy of life, but also a new painting trend showing the richness of visual impressions, their contemplative dimension, as well as communion with nature and water." Maciej Majewski was born in 1977. He graduated from the Wojciech Gerson State High School of Fine Arts in Warsaw and the National Film School in Łódź in Animated Films' Making. He participated in many exhibitions, including "Puma pojawiła się w MiTo" at the MiTo in Warsaw in 2013 and "Malarstwo Jutubowe" at the Lukka Art Gallery in Warsaw in 2018.


We invite you to see the aforementioned works in person at our headquarters in Warsaw at Piękna 1A. You may familiarize yourself with the entire offer of the March Young Art Auction from 1 March until 7 March. We encourage you to take part in the pre-bidding via our mobile application. You can also participate in the auction in person or via broadcast on our website. We look forward to seeing you at 7:00 PM CET on Monday, 7 March.