May 5, 2021


The Month of Young Art was boldly inaugurated by yesterday's DESA Unicum auction. The auction turnover amounted to almost 350 thousand PLN! There were also new sales records and successful debuts.


The works of Dariusz Grabuś and Marcin Gregorczuk - both artists enjoying great interest, whose sales reflected even in the record-breaking  December auction - were bought for almost 26,500 PLN each. Both works broke the record set at the December auction and are currently the most expensive works of these artists sold at auctions.


The record was also broken for works by Agata Buczek and Sara Ilia - both canvases were bought for almost 11,000 PLN each.

It is also worth paying attention to the works of debutants. As a result of yesterday's auction, high prices were achieved by the works of two artists who appeared at auctions for the first time: Joanna Walisiak, whose canvas was sold for over 5,000 PLN and Karolina Treler - with a sales result of 5,400 PLN. Congratulations on your fantastic debuts on the auction market!

Congratulations on Your successful bidding and thank you for participating in the auction.


We encourage you to read the other auction results.

Auction Results


For those who feel unsatisfied, a dream opportunity awaits - almost everyday throughout May, we present you an opportunity to bid on young artists works online and through the DESA Unicum mobile application.

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