Oct. 19, 2022, 7 p.m.

Grażyna Kulczyk Collection. Tadeusz Kantor

Piękna 1A, Warszawa

Exhibition: 7 October 2022 - 19 October 2022

Auction date & place
19 October 2022 7 PM CET


kod aukcji:
We have the honor of introducing you to the first project in the history of the Polish art market entirely devoted to Tadeusz Kantor's oeuvre, who is unquestionably the icon of the modern era. We dedicate this catalog specifically to him due to the large body of works included in the collection, their cross-sectional character, and the status of the artist in post-war Polish art. We want to introduce Kantor as the most important post-war Polish creator, as a total and timeless artist, a unique persona of the underground and experimental theatre scene, and finally, an undisputed reformer and animator of cultural life in reborn Poland. Kantor was an extremely sensitive, passionate about creating, uncompromising, and, above all, utterly modern artist.

We also point to his international position. Among Polish creators, it was Kantor who listened most tenderly to the pulse of artistic life in Western Europe and the United States. He believed in progress and was constantly looking for new, unpracticed forms of creative expression. Therefore, each of Kantor's trips imported new western currents and trends to Polish soil.

The body of works by Tadeusz Kantor reflects the high position of Grażyna Kulczyk's collection. It also expresses her interest in other forms of artistic expressions, such as theater and dance. Since they were included in the collection, the works have been presented at numerous exhibitions that emphasized their diverse contexts, including "The Year We Made Contact" or "For Each Gesture Another Character".

Never before have collectors and art enthusiasts had the opportunity to see and bid on such outstanding works by Tadeusz Kantor at one auction. As Lech Stangret writes in his text, these works could constitute the most valuable collection of 20th-century art in many museums. In his analysis, the expert on Tadeusz Kantor's art presents various threads that connect these works with each other as well as with the artist's non-painting work. We believe that the large range of Kantor's artistic activities may become an extremely interesting, multi-threaded subject to be developed, a valuable source of knowledge for those interested in Kantor's work, as well as an extremely important event for collectors and art enthusiasts.

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