Oct. 20, 2022, 7 p.m.

Grażyna Kulczyk Collection. Blow-up

Piękna 1A, Warszawa

Exhibition: 12 October 2022 - 20 October 2022

Auction date & place
20 October 2022 7 PM CET


kod aukcji:
In the collection of Grażyna Kulczyk, photography plays a special role – both the medium and the creators using it turned out to be particularly dear to the collector. This is why, in the world of collecting photographs, she is one of the most important, even pioneering, characters that have shaped the interest that it now enjoys. The presented collection shows the scope of her artistic interests, which range from classical pre-war photography, through the breakthrough works of post-war artists, to the latest – and most courageous – projects by artists of the younger generation. Therefore, we decided to distinguish photography from the collection by dedicating the "Zoom" project to it.

The project's title alludes to photographic terminology while also emphasizing the growing importance of photography in the collector's world. For several years, photography has been a permanent and growing part of the art market. There are also more collectors. This is due to people like Grażyna Kulczyk, who is undoubtedly a pioneer in creating a conscious and involved collection of photographs in Poland. She has an extraordinary sensitivity and intuition for finding the works of various artists and placing them side by side in such a way that they give each other new and revealing contexts and meanings. This thread is interestingly developed by Adam Mazur in his text, which we included in this catalog.

The auction demonstrates how the passion for collecting and a sense of aesthetics allow works by Polish and international photographers to coexist within one collection. Starting with formal experiments by Bronisław Schlabs and Joanna Zastróżna, through the works of Polish critical art with "Lego" by Zbigniew Libera and the works by Dorota Nieznalska, problems of identity and the human condition in works by Krzysztof Kuzyszyn and Loretta Lux, to the records of Zhang Huan's actions dealing with historical and political changes and their impact on social behaviors. In addition, "Zoom" will be the first auction on the Polish art market with such a spectacular and rich selection of recognized and sought-after world photographs, including well-known names such as Thomas Ruff and Thomas Demand.

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