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We end the calendar year with the largest young art auction

Joanna Wolan


The December Young Art Auction does not only present the most extensive selection of works that we have assembled for you this year; it, above all, brings together pieces by the most sought-after authors in this artistic sector.

Works by the creators debuting at the Young Art Auctions are appearing more and more often as part of our other projects-for instance, by Natalia Magalska, whose ceramic figures are well known to the public thanks to auctions such as "Polish Ceramic" and "Art Now. Curator's Choice." While working in the "SLAVSQUAD," the creator raises the problem of how the artistic and cultural environment excludes certain social groups. By making them the heroes of her art, she, in a sense, emancipates these people, allowing them to be a part of this world. Michał Żytniak's paintings also appeared in the selection of the "Art Now. Curator's Choice" auction-the artist has developed a characteristic painting language based on expressive brush strokes and an intense color palette.

A painting by Dariusz Grabuś, which had already enjoyed great popularity from collectors at the pre-auction, will also be included in the December auction. "In Pursuit of the Sun" is a story in which the artist's passion for design and beautiful architectural interiors combines with a complacent, widespread landscape

Bożena Sieczyńska's landscape may be a big surprise for art collectors, as it reached a record price at the Young Art Auction. In the work, she suggested a completely different perspective-a minimalist composition bathed in white.