UNIQUE WORKS AT THE AUCTION "ART NOW" – Helena Stiasny, Anna Kwiatkowska, Dorota Bojanowska


UNIQUE WORKS AT THE AUCTION "ART NOW" – Helena Stiasny, Anna Kwiatkowska, Dorota Bojanowska

The above-mentioned artists, all of whom represent extremely interesting and unique creative approaches, are characterized by one thing in particular: authenticity. Each of the artists consistently implements their artistic postulates, and each of them follows a different creative path. For instance, Helena Stiasna's paintings focus on women, Anna Kwiatkowska creates vivid, expressive gesture paintings, and Dorota Bojanowska combines painting with fabric and clothing design.


"Art Now. Curator's Choice" is a project in which we present well-known artists of the new generation, as well as emerging creators who are at the beginning of their artistic careers. They can, however, already boast notable achievements that solidify their position on the artistic scene and make their work worthy of attention. The above-mentioned artists have already had solo and collective exhibitions in Poland and abroad, won prizes in competitions, including international ones, and were featured in popular magazines.

Helena Stiasna's painting “Falando nad bramą, zostawiłeś mnie samą" ("Falando at the Gate, You Left Me Alone"), from 2020, will be put up for auction for the first time. It was created as part of her MA diploma in the painting studio at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Having been praised as one of the most interesting diplomas, it was also appreciated by the Spectra Art Space gallery of the Starak Family Foundation, where she recently presented her paintings. Helena Stiasna's works are dominated by female motifs. As the artist primarily paints self-portraits, she takes up various female roles in contemporary society, and her work contributes to feminist discourse.

"In my art, I raise problems of a personal nature through self-portraits. My art is very introspective. It is a private and sometimes very intimate record of my feelings and emotional states. When portraying myself, I bring up existential issues, inquiring about metaphysics and femininity."

- Helena Stiasny



Anna Kwiatkowska's work, on the other hand, has taken a different path. The artist is the finalist of the 19th edition of the Hestia Artistic Journey competition and the winner of the 3rd Wojciech Fangor National Painting Competition. Her artistic story is told through vivid gesture painting, which focuses on the creative process, the search for painting material, and the more or less visible marks left by her tools. Anna Kwiatkowska did her diploma in painting under Dr. Marcin Zawicki at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk. She also won the Hestia Artistic Journey competition in 2010.

"The gesture, the energy, its origins, and the tensions that a given movement causes in the body are all important to me. I'm exploring my boundaries. The range of motion in my arms and legs, my strength, and my patience in observing the emerging gesture. I try to remain vigilant. I observe and react. In the process, I treat my work as an abstraction. It becomes figurative to me once it's finished. I look for familiar shapes in it. For me, it's a subconscious game, and I believe it's also a game for the audience because everyone sees something different."

- Anna Kwiatkowska

Dorota Bojanowska's art is also a novelty in our auction catalog. Her paintings combine traditional techniques, such as oil painting, intaglio, and screen printing, with linear drawings and colorful motifs. She is inspired by the younger generation, its history, experiences, and views, which, when coupled with classical art, allow for experimentation with contemporary forms. Her projects were published, among others, in Vogue Poland, KMAG, Label Magazine, and Wysokie Obcasy. Her artworks were also presented at exhibitions in Poland and abroad. Dorota Bojanowska graduated from the Royal College of London and Goldsmiths, University of London.


These are only a few of the artists whose works are available at our auction. The entire offer consists of 69 items, each with its own unique story. We encourage you to follow the activities and progress of young artists, as well as familiarize yourself with the entire auction catalog. We also invite you to visit our exhibition. The display begins on 7 June and ends on 14 June with the auction taking place at 7 PM CET.