Feb. 15, 2021

The Legend's back


The "Przygody Szalanego Grzesia" published in 1919 is considered the first Polish comic book. Henryk Jerzy Chmielewski was born in June 1923. He started drawing his first comics in 1947, working as a graphic artist in "Świat Przygód" and "Świat Młodych". The release of "Tytus, Romek and A'Tomek in space" in 1957 not only coincided with the first Sputnik flight into space, but also with the birth of the artist's son, who now works at the NASA space research center. Entire generations grew up on the adventures of two scouts and an ape. Papcio Chmiel, together with Janusz Christa, paved the way for the next comic book authors.


In the summer of 1976, the first issue of "Relax" was published - the first magazine collecting various types of comics, from historical, war, grotesque, humorous to fantasy, appeared on the market. "Relax" enjoyed great popularity, initially published irregularly, quickly became a monthly publication, though not permanently. The last two issues were published in 1981, the last issue of this legendary magazine contained the endings to all stories that had begun in it. In December 2020, the magazine was re-launched as a quarterly. The work of Grzegorz Rosiński had a significant impact on the development and success of the magazine - in the first issue the artist presented an episode devoted to the guerrilla struggle with the Nazi invader "Nine of Heaven", however, quickly departed from the subject of war. Subsequent titles have shown that this creator is perfectly served by the historical atmosphere, as well as the science-fiction genre. "Thorgal" appeared for the first time to Polish comic book fans in 1978 in the 19th issue of "Relax". Already the first episode caused a revival among fans and impatient anticipation for the next parts. The twenty-third issue of "Relax" left the title for ten years. In 1988, the KAW publishing house released the first two albums about "Son of the Stars" entitled: "Betrayed Sorceress" and "Wyspa among ice cream", with a circulation of approximately 200,000 copies each.


Another outstanding artist of "Relax" was Janusz Christa. In the journal he menaged to prove that he is a universal author. In addition to the adventures of Kajko and Kokosz, he created a series of new heroes and many premiere stories for the magazine. Christa was also able to make the reader reflect on the stories by pointing out that kindness is always rewarded.



The years 1989/90 were very significant in Polish comic book publishing. The newly established publishing house ORBITA was not afraid of publishing picture stories, thanks to which comic book fans got to know fourteen consecutive parts of "Thorgal".


The next comic book auction is dedicated to the work of exceptional artists of the genre, iconic and legendary, the offer includes the biggest names of the genre: Chmielewski, Rosiński, Polch, Kasprzak, Christa, Raczkiewicz, Ozga, Sieńczyk, Truściński.


The offer includes covers for "Thorgal", "Tytus, Romek and A'Tomek", "Nowa Fantastyka" and "AQQ". Perhaps the reissue of "Relax" will bring back the glory days of Polish comics.