Aug. 13, 2021

Extentional work on August auction of Street art

Joanna Wolan


The August auction "Street Art" will, for the first time, feature a work that will be created only after the end of the auction, that is "Hommage à Jerzy Ludwiński. On the Dissolution of Art" by Paweł Kowzan, who works under the pseudonym Dwaesha.


The artist, creating the concept of this work, refers to the beginnings of graffiti, when painting your name or pseudonym was equal to indicating your presence in the urban space. Dwaesha goes a step further and, making a reference to the art critic Jerzy Ludwiński, creates a sign. The dissolution of art in the title becomes a literal process as the word "art" is rewritten several times, each time less clearly, until the work of art becomes illegible and turns into a conventional symbol. The artist will create such a sign. The choice of the place is up to the decision of the person who wins the auction, thereby the line between a recipient and creator is blurring. The work that will be created is going to take the form of a line, possibly marked with paint stains, an individual copy of the drawing made with a spray or marker, a unique work of art.


* Work "Hommage à Jerzy Ludwiński. On the Dissolution of Art" will be created within six months from the bidding. The date may be changed if agreed between the artist and the buyer. We inform you that the work cannot be performed in public space.