May 19, 2021

Excellent result of the auction "Works on paper. 19th century and modern art "!

Yesterday's auction "Works on paper. 19th century and modern art" noted a record-breaking highest turnover in the history of the project, amounting to over PLN 1.6 million!

The works of Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz enjoyed great interest, namely the portraits of the Breza couple. The interest of the portfoliorated writer and diplomat undoubtedly influenced the informal thread of agreements with rebeling Witkacy. The way in which the Artist grasped a psychological aspect of the model while remaining faithful to the submission of physical similarityis is worth emphasising. Both portrait of Zofia Brezow, and the portrait of Tadeusz Breza were bought for over 260,000. zł.

Portraits of children - created throughout the entire period of artistic activity - occupy an important place in Wyspiański's oeuvre. The artist portrayed them preferably quickly to capture a breaking moment before the model changes due to time, survival and thoughts. The Painting sold for 180 00 zł


Zofia Stryjeńska's "Maternity" was bought for 120 000 zł . A fragment from the artist's diary can serve as a tender commentary to the painting:

"Yes I wanted to have a son with blue eyes in my life, it was a Leit Motiv of my romantic adventures. Necessarily eyes through which you can see the landscape of the sky (...)."

(Zofia Stryjeńska. Chleb prawie że powszedni. Kronika jednego życia, oprac. M. Budzińska, A. Kuźniak, Wołowiec 2016, s. 16).


Juliusz Kossak's "Hotsul on horseback" sold for over 90 000 zł.


Another opportunity to weld the works of the most important artists of the 19th century will appear on June 10th. The auction will include Jan Matejko's work, "St.Stanisław punishing Bolesław the Bold."