DESA Unicum is a team of the best Specialists in the art market, but also trained art historians. We want to promote knowledge about art, that is why we are willing to engage in various educational projects.  


Members of the Management Board together with DESA Unicum Specialists share their experience and knowledge of the auction market with students of the University of Warsaw by lecturing at postgraduate studies: “Management on the art market". 

DESA Unicum was a partner of the Law&Art Research Group operating at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw in the Law&Art Masters project. A series of regular meetings with practitioners of the art market, who talked about issues affecting the trade in art. DESA Unicum was represented by Michał Bolko, who talked about the specificity of the functioning of an auction house on the art market, the rules of organization and preparation of auctions, as well as cooperation with customers, and the position of DESA Unicum in comparison to other auction houses and the reason for this.  

By organizing numerous panels and discussions that complement our auction calendar, DESA Unicum has created an intellectually stimulating environment and continues to make art available to the general public. Curatorial tours accompany our auction previews.