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Do you own a work of art and are wondering whether to sell it? No better time than the present! Find out why, now is the best time for putting your paintings, sculptures and other works up for auction with DESA Unicum - the largest Polish auction house, where every auction brings new sales records. Our group of experts in various fields will guide you through the sales process. Sell you art with the leader

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How to sell a work of art at an auction?
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Polish art is constantly increasing in value, almost every auction results in a new sales record being broken. The interest in purchasing works of art has noticeably increased, and the number of customers is ever-growing. The pandemic situation has changed the auction market - interest in buying is growing not only among the collectors, but also among the investors looking for alternative investment instruments with high growth potential.

A record year on the Polish art market
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Art has become the fourth largest investment market in terms of value after the stock exchange, gold and Private Equity funds (according to the Masterworks report), and the increases in the prices of works of art are significant - for example, in 2020, works of contemporary art on the global market increased by almost 7%.

Art market in the pandemic
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Sell with the art market leader


unrivaled leader of the auction market for 9 years

PLN 196 milion

annual turnover at auctions


auctions yearly - the largest number in the country (including 63 online auctions)


DESA Unicum records further spectacular sales, and we recognized 2020 as a record year, as evidenced by our leadership position on the Polish art market, we are also ranked as the 13th biggest auction house in the world, 8th in Europe and 1st in CEE!

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For almost 30 years, we have been professionally supporting our clients in the purchase and sale of works of art.


We sell almost 5,000 works of art every year. Our 85-person team of experienced art historians and auction market professionals ensures the highest standards of service and security at every stage of the transaction.


Time to sell your art


The boom in the art market continues, which means it's a perfect time to sell art!


However, art is a very diverse concept. It is worth asking yourself, are we convinced of the value of the items we have? In the era of constant increases in the value of works of art, the valuations received by our clients are often a big, positive surprise for them. We often observe situations in which it turns out that forgotten, hidden, undervalued items constitute an unexpected value, and their owners are often unaware that they have a sought-after collector's item.

How much can a work of art be worth?
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At a time when the art market is booming, we encourage you to contact our auction house - we will help you determine the value of your works of art and select the best sales strategy for them.


How to sell at DESA Unicum

Selling works of art at DESA Unicum is extremely simple. You can receive an initial quote online for free.


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Then DESA Unicum specialists will guide you through the entire sales process - from the valuation, preparation of the commission agreement, through the substantive development of the object, taking photos of it, to the publication of the catalog and organization of the auction exhibition at the highest level. Our employees will also help organize packaging and transport as well as advise you on the maintenance or selecting the right frame for your piece.

How to sell a work of art at auction?
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Don't hesitate to submit objects for the upcoming auctions. Our specialists will be happy to answer any questions - feel free to contact us.


Below we present the auction calendar with the deadlines for the acceptance of the objects.



19th Century and Modern Art


October 14, 2021 Auction

Consignments deadline: September 9th


9-16 December 2021 Auction

Consignments deadline: November 4







Tomasz Dziewicki

Department Manager

+48 22 163 66 46

+48 735 208 999

Jan Matejko, "Św. Stanisław karcący Bolesława Śmiałego", 1877

Sold for over PLN 5.5 million



Works on Paper

19th Century and Modern Art


September 23, 2021 Auction

Consignments deadline: August 19


November 23, 2021 Auction

Consignments deadline: October 19







Paulina Adamczyk


+48 22 163 66 14

+48 532 759 980


Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz (Witkacy), Portrait of Zofia Brezowa, 1934

Sold for PLN 264 thousand





September 30, 2021 Auction

Consignments deadline: August 16


December 2, 2021 Auction

Consignments deadline: October 28







Anna Szynkarczuk

Department Manager

+48 22 163 66 41

+48 664 150 866

Wojciech Fangor, M 22, 1969

Sold for nearly PLN 7.3 million




Post-War and Contemporary Art


September 14, 2021 Auction

Consignments deadline: August 10


November 16, 2021 Auction

Consignments deadline: October 12







Agata Matusielańska


+48 22 163 66 50

+48 539 546 699

Andy Warhol, Dollar, 1982

Sold for nearly PLN 640 thousand



Magical Art

Surrealism & Magic realism


August 31, 2021 Auction

Consignments deadline: July 27


5 October 2021 Auction

Consignments deadline: August 31


December 21, 2021 Auction

Consignments deadline: November 16




Samanta Belling


+48 22 163 66 50

+48 539 222 774

Jacek Yerka, "Światło dla każdego", 1988

Sold for over PLN 400,000




New post-1989 Generation


September 28, 2021 Auction

Consignments deadline: August 24


November 25, 2021 Auction

Consignments deadline: October 21







Katarzyna Żebrowska

Senior Specialist

+48 22 163 66 49

+48 539 546 701

Piotr Uklański, "Nazis" (41 parts), 1999

Sold for over PLN 700,000 



Young Polish Artists



Auctions: August 19, September 2, October 12, November 2, December 20 2021


The deadlines for accepting lots ends 5 weeks before a given auction









Maja Mazurkiewicz-Elgut


+48 538 522 885

Tomasz Poznysz, Maria Magdalena, 2020

Sold for over PLN 38 thousand






October 21, 2021 Auction

Consignments deadline: September 16











Agata Matusielańska


+48 22 163 66 50 +48 539 546 699

Magdalena Abakanowicz, Caminando (set of 20 figures), 1998/1999

Sold for over PLN 8 million




Classics and Avant-garde



October 28, 2021 Auction

Consignments deadline: September 23










Kataryna Żebrowska

Senior Specialist

+48 22 163 66 49

+48 539 546 701


David LaChapelle, "Deluge", 2006/2012

Sold for PLN 720 thousand



Polish Design

1918 - 2018


October 7, 2021 Auction

Consignments deadline: September 2









Cezary Lisowski

Senior Specialist

+48 22 163 66 51

+48 788 269 908

Chair, circa 1970, Roman Modzelewski

Sold for over PLN 94 thousand






September 20, 2021 Auction

Consignments deadline: August 16








Marek Wasilewicz

Senior Specialist

+48 22 163 66 47

+48 795 122 702

Agata Matusielańska


+48 22 163 66 50

+48 539 546 699



Mojżesz Kisling, Kiki de Montparnasse (Nu Assis), circa 1925

Sold for nearly PLN 65 thousand






December 14, 2021 Auction

Consignments deadline: November 9









Magdalena Kuś

Senior Specialist

+48 22 163 66 44

+48 795 122 718

Wine cooling bucket, interwar period, Fabryka Wyrobów Srebrnych i Platerowanych Józefa Frageta, Warsaw

Sold for over PLN 33 thousand






November 4, 2021 Auction

Consignments deadline: September 30










Olga Winiarczyk


+48 22 163 66 54

+48 664 150 862


Bogusław Polch, "Nowa fantastyka" - cover, 1991

Sold for over PLN 57 thousand






September 7, 2021 Auction

Consignments deadline: August 3


October 18, 2021 Auction

Consignments deadline: September 13


December 7, 2021 Auction

Consignments deadline: November 2




Magdalena Kuś

Senior Specialist

+48 22 163 66 44

+48 795 122 718

Art Déco Tennis bracelet, 20 - 30 of XX century

Sold for over PLN 84 thousand




Feminist Auction


September 16, 2021 Auction

Consignments deadline: August 12









Anna Kowalska


+48 22 163 66 55

+48 539 196 531

Joanna Wolan



+48 538 915 090



Zofia Stryjeńska, "Rzemiosło" series, 1929-30

Sold for PLN 826 thousand