Photography Classics and Avant-garde (results)
2 April 2020 7 PM CET

Hammer price: 11,000 PLN
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Hammer price: 11,000 PLN

gelatin-silver print, vintage print/baryta paper, cardboard, 48 x 91 cm (dimensions in frame)
signed, dated and described on the reverse: '"ZBLIZENIA" 1972 1 PLANSZA GORNA | 5 FOTOGRAFII / 1 PLANSZA 24 X 91/ | MARIA MICHALOWSKA | WROCLAW [adres] | "ZBLIZENIA" 1972 1 PLANSZA DOLNA | 5 FOTOGRAFII / 1 PLANSZA 24 X 91/ | MARIA MICHALOWSKA | WROCLAW [address]'
ID: 83415
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The range of Maria Michałowska’s artistic achievements is extremely wide. In all forms that she practised, i.e. painting, drawing, photography and performance, the guiding principle that came to the fore was the field of art. In Michałowska’s view, it is a form of expression resulting from sensitivity, experiences of the artist herself, her reflections and knowledge. The conceptual stage is extremely interesting, but apparently also most appreciated by critics. The photography for Michałowska became a multi-aspect medium in which she could take advantage of its various opportunities. She reached for experiences at the border between art and experiments, both optical and chemical. Therefore, photography for her was a kind of supplement. It captured fragments of reality and recorded creative thoughts. In the works from the series entitled “Close- Ups” Michałowska focused on cognition and studies of time and light. The work presented here is a result of recording hand movements in front of a photosensitive screen. The shades of moving hand recorded on photographic paper fascinate us with the artist’s sensitivity to changeability and impermanence of forms and phenomena. To quote the artist: ‘My intention is to show certain ephemeral, unimportant phenomena, such as registering the trace of sunshine in a drawing diagram, or recording a palmprint on photographic paper at different exposure times. My events are rather anti-events, I am more interested in tracking traces of presence in time than traces of events.’