July 15, 2021

Record-breaking six months on the art market


It was a record-breaking six-month period on the art market. According to the artinfo.pl portal, the DESA Unicum Auction House was the first in history to exceed a turnover of over PLN 100 million for the first half of the year. With over 40% market share, it maintained the position of the undisputed leader.


Investing in works of art is invariably seen as a safe capital investment. In the first six months of this year, the highest, as much as 40%, turnover was generated by the DESA Unicum Auction House. Polswiss Art was second with a result of 19.6%, and the Sopot Auction House was third with a result of 12.3%.


In the last six months, the DESA Unicum Auction House generated a turnover of PLN 105.9 million. It was higher than the corresponding period in 2020 by PLN 38.8 million. This result is twice as high as for the second largest entity and almost three times as high as for the third entity.


DESA Unicum also held a record number of auctions on the Polish market - as many as 101. During the June auction "Old masters. 19th century and modern art." Jan Matejko's "Saint Stanisław rebuking Bolesław the Bold" was sold for over 5.5 million. In March, Jacek Malczewski's work "Orfeusz i Eurydice" was bought for PLN 2.8 million. One of the spectacular sales in the field of contemporary art was the work by Roman Opałka "Detal 5446535-5462919" from the series "1965/1 - ∞", bought for PLN 3.6 million.


- The results of the first half of the year are a confirmation of the effectiveness of our long-term strategy of investing in new ways of selling, such as the dynamic development of online-only auctions, or new segments, including fantasy and surreal art, and thematic projects. It is also proof that the Polish art market has a chance to soon become one of the most important art markets in Europe

- comments Juliusz Windorbski, CEO of DESA Unicum.