Nov. 29, 2022
Sensational event in the world of polish art and culture
Recently discovered in a private collection, Jacek Malczewski's work "Reality" was last publicly displayed in 1926. Now – until 8 December this year – it can be viewed in DESA Unicum as part of the exhibition for the "Old Masters. 19th Century and Modern Art" auction. This is one of ...
Sept. 24, 2022
"I believe that art must live" - Grażyna Kulczyk
And, in collaboration with DESA Unicum, she is selling a portion of the most significant pieces from her collection, announcing a new phase in her activity: the collector is going to focus mainly on promoting women's art in the years to come.
Feb. 3, 2022
An auction that will go down in the history of the Polish art market will be held on 17 March 2022 in Warsaw. The 17th-century Portrait of a Lady by Peter Paul Rubens will go under the hammer at DESA Unicum, the leading auction house in Central and Eastern Europe. ...
Dec. 29, 2021
DESA Unicum S.A., the leading auction house in Poland, has recorded a significant turnover of over 270 million PLN this year, meaning a 84 million PLN (43%) higher turnover than in 2020 (including auction fees; excluding charity auctions).
Dec. 3, 2021
Record contemporary art auctions
Fifty million PLN – this was the turnover of three Contemporary Art auctions at DESA Unicum. At one of them, for the first time in Poland, an NFT work was sold. It was the work of Paweł Kowalewski titled “Why there is something rather than nothing", which sold for 552,000 ...
July 15, 2021
Record-breaking six months on the art market
It was a record-breaking six-month period on the art market. According to the portal, the DESA Unicum Auction House was the first in history to exceed a turnover of over PLN 100 million for the first half of the year. With over 40% market share, it maintained the position ...