Art house

The new premises of DESA Unicum is finally open. It is a building first of its kind not only in Warsaw, but also in Europe.

The building’s shape was planned to blend in the surroundings, at the same time drawing attention to its unique appearance and meeting the needs of an auction house with its form and functionality. Looking from at the building from the park nearby, the building does not seem to be of an impressive size. It is only when we approach the entrance that the partially excavated ground and underground levels become visible. The new building has enriched its neighbourhood, dominated by diplomatic and government buildings, and livened up Warsaw’s cultural landscape. “DESA Unicum welcomes every lover of art, and the open, inviting architecture of our new premises serves as a highlight for that” says Juliusz Windorbski, DESA Unicum CEO.

Apart from a gallery, an auction house and a bookstore, the building will soon house a cafe and a restaurant as well. The glass façade makes the space inside ideal for displaying works of art, while the roof resembling a hill overgrown with grass blends naturally with the green surroundings. Our new premises open new possibilities for DESA Unicum’s futue endeavours and allow us to provide our customers with the most comfortable service possible.

The building is a construction of human scale, which pays respect to the historical surrounding and landscape. The author of the project is architect Paweł W. Graliński. “Nowadays, maybe as a reaction to the abundance of visual stimulants, architecture resorts to laconic sterility, clinical blacks and whites, simply carved shapes, while its reception is reduced to chaotic lines. I disagree with that” says Gralinski.

The author of the interior design project at the DESA Uncium auction house is an architectural studio:


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