March 31, 2021

Great results at the Surrealism and Magic Realism Auction

The turnover of yesterday's auction "Fantastic Art. Surrealism and Magic Realism" amounted to over PLN 2 million



This is one of the largest auctions of this type in the history of the Polish art market, which shows how much works in this category are gaining popularity among collectors.

Jacek Vera's work "The Light for everyone" from 1988 was sold for over PLN 400,000. The painting by Zdzisław Beksiński from 1966 was bought for PLN 360,000. Rafał Olbiński's work "Après le déluge" was sold for nearly PLN 170,000.

The works of the most important artists in the field of fantasy art appear at the "Fantastic Art. Surrealism and Magic Realism" auctions at DESA Unicum. The rich offer presented an extraordinary stream of Polish art, influenced by foreign classics, which has gained great recognition both in Poland and abroad.


Congratulations on your successful bidding!

You can also access other auction results by pressing the link below.

Auction Results