Dec. 3, 2020

Fangor has beaten his own record!


A new record on the polish art market! Wojciech Fangor's “M22" was sold today for over 7.3 million pln during the “Modern art. Op-art and geometrical abstraction" auction hosted by DESA UNICUM. It's the highest amount obtained for a painting sold in Poland and therefore the highest amount obtained for Fangor's piece.


Another fall – similarly to what happened two years previous- brought in another spectacular result for the Artist's work. A new record was set for the polish art auctions – its the highest amount obtained for a work of art in Poland.  Furthermore the Artist beat the record he himself set two years ago by a stunning 2.6 million pln. 


Wojciech Fangor's canvases with a characteristic, geometrical shape resembling a rosette or a flower are one of the most effective and sought-after works by the Artist. Only three of those were ever made: “M19" (1986), “M22" and “M39" (1969). It is in them that the idea of a concentric, "frameless" image and an infinite composition that waves is realized. Wojciech Fangor  is the only polish artist who have had an individual exhibition at the exclusive Guggenheim museum in New York.


Apart from the work of Wojciech Fangor, the work "Relief white-red-purple" by Henryk Stażewski was sold during the auction "Modern Art. Op-art and Geometrical abstraction" for over 1.1 million pln , and the work of Victor Vasarely "Vega-Bk" was bought for over 800 thousand pln.


 Also today, the first ever auction in Poland devoted exclusively to installations was held at DESA Unicum, and its offer included iconic works by the most important Polish artists. 


More than 3.6 million pln was paid for the work of Roman Opałka "DETAIL 3546421 - 3562392" from the series "1965/1 - ∞". The counted paintings reach record amounts at auctions all over the world. The artist himself was the most expensive living artist before his death, and his artistic program is one of the most important works of conceptualism. His poetic works aim to illustrate the passage of time. Roman Opałka believed that through the repetition and consistency of his work, he is able to perceive the processes that govern human life. Its concept has been surprising viewers for several decades, touching emotions and imagination.


During the auction devoted to the installations, the work by Ryszard Winiarski "Game No. 7" was sold for 885 thousand pln and Tadeusz Kantor's work was sold for over 1 million pln.


The total turnover from the three autumn auctions of contemporary art amounted to over 30 million pln. We also invite you to read the other auctions results. 

Congratulations on your successful bidding!

Results: “Modern art. Op-art and geometrical abstraction”
Results: Post-War & Contemporary. Installations - Environment - New Media