March 5, 2021

DESA Unicum breaks records for the first half of the year


Yesterday's auction "Post-War & Contemporary Art" exceeded all expectations in terms of sales results and brought a record for the first half of the year. The auction turnover amounted to over PLN 12.6 million!


The previous auctions has gotten collectors and art market observers used to the fact that the market is largely dependent on seasonality - has its own pace of development and fluctuates steadily and characteristicly to a given period in the annual rhythm. The first half-year has been perceived so far as a quieter period on the art market. But currently nothing could be further from the truth! Yesterday's auction broke the usual rhythm, because the turnover amounted to over PLN 12.6 million! The auction therefore became a record in the history of the Polish market auction of contemporary art during the first half-year.


Roman Opałka's "Detal 5446535-5462919" from the Ikonic cycle "1965/1 - ∞", which could be identified as the most perfect example of conceptualism in the history of Polish art, has accumulated a large interest amongst the collectors. The idea and the sole purpose of this artist's life project was to capture the passage of time. The work was sold for PLN 3.6 million. Opałka's works are always a big treat for collectors, as they only appear on the auction market several times a year, each time their appearance excites collectors and brings together viewers from around the world


"NOVAE - Kat", a painting by Victor Vasarely was bought for PLN 1.5 million. It is a late example of the creativity of the "vonal" period, in which the artist's interests return towards linear structures with a grid construction, which accompanies the effect of optical pulsing. The artist's works gained global recognition and are now worth millions.


Images "B70" by Wojciech Fangor and "Penetration of real space" by Ryszard Winiarski were bought for 720 thousand each.


A work by Wojciech Fangor comes from a groundbreaking period of creativity, in which the development of his career took a dizzying pace. "B70" has become one of the first compositions of Wojciech Fangor sold to a private collector. In 2020, another work by the artist, "M22", was purchased for a significant amount of over PLN 7.3 million.



The image by Ryszard Winiarski is a particularly interesting one in his artistic achievements - due to the introduction of a third dimension to the traditional composition on canvas - the relief features, the image of the game with the viewer of the perspeteic illusion. What is characteristic for Winiarski's creativity is that the work was created by involving chance, and the shape of the work was decided with a random coin toss or a dice.


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