April 23, 2021

A Historic record - The most expensive photo sold in Poland

During the yesterday's auction David Lachapell's work reached a record-breaking sum of 700 000 PLN. "Deluge" is now the most expensive photo sold in Poland. The work overtook the previous recordholder, Steve McCurry's "Afghan Girl" which was sold for 240 000 PLN, over 2.5 times less than "Deluge". Interestingly, the previous photography record was broken only half a year ago. This is yet another proof that collector's photography has now become the most dynamically developing segment on the art market in Poland.


David Lachapelle is one of the most controversial contemporary creators. He is also the most famous Andy Warhol's student, who photographed celebrities such as David Beckham or Britney Spears, He drew great inspiration from Michael Angelo's oeuvre. David Lachapelle's creativity can not be confused with any other photography. Widely commented and adored all over the world. The artist's take on pop art and popular culture quickly turned him into one of the most popular contemporary photographers. For many years he acted as a commercial photographer, working on famous advertising campaigns, for example a loud Diesel advertising portraying two kissing seafarers. He portrayed celebrities known from the first pages of newspapers in controversial poses and situations. He directed many music videos to well know hits - he created a visual framework for Jennifer Lopez, Amy Winehouse and many others. His photographs were presented in such magazines as "Vogue" or "Vanity Fair", and his works were exhibited in the largest cultural institutions in Paris, New York and London.

The record-breaking "Deluge" comes from a series of works arising in a 2006-2009 period. Lachapelle drew inspiration in Michael Angelo's frescoes in the Sistine Chapel. "Deluge" turned out to be a turning point in the artist's work. It was one of the first opportunities to create photos outside the Commercial Photography Convention, which he was greatly attached to for a long period of his professional activity. "Deluge" is a metaphor for the fall of traditional values and criticism of consumerism. The work illustrates people escaping a natural disaster. A classic composition has been combined with elements known to us from pop culture and is a contemporary response to universal problems.


This record-breaking work by David Lachapell can serve as a proof that the emerging trend to buy top, western art is dynamically developing in Poland.