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The “Old Masters” auction is a unique project on the Polish auction market - it opens up to the European painting market. We offer works of art by masters from the 16th-18th centuries. This is the only opportunity for Polish collectors and investors to invest in world-class foreign works. We present Renaissance and Baroque masterpieces, created in the most important centres of Europe - in Italy, Flanders and Holland.

The works from a few hundred years ago conceal many secrets. It happens that an undescribed artwork turns out to be a real masterpiece. As in the case of the painting described in general terms as “the Italian school”, which turned out to be the work of a master whose works are now in the collection of the Louvre or the Hermitage. It was Simone Pignoni, a Baroque painter associated with the princely court, who painted the famous allegories. Pignoni’s works can now be admired all over the world, and in DESA Unicum his painting was auctioned for 26 thousand zlotys.

The works of the Old Masters conceal many unusual stories - full of references, allegories, secrets. These works are extremely valuable due to their origin and invaluable in terms of the number of stories and meanings hidden in them.

Modern painting has hardly been present on the Polish art market. The exhibition of such paintings is a huge challenge - nowadays most of the works from this period are in museums and private collectors are reluctant to give up their treasures. Old art is mainly associated with the extraordinary artistry of the artists of that time. Having works performed with great talent, accuracy and realism is a great prestige today.


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Marek Wasilewicz Senior Specialist +48 22 163 66 47, +48 795 122 702 m.wasilewicz@desa.pl
Jest absolwentem Instytutu Historii Sztuki w Warszawie. Jego akademickie zainteresowania skupiały się na sztuce europejskiej XVII wieku oraz na trwaniu tradycji antycznej. Dołączył do zespołu DESA Unicum w 2016 roku, po kilku latach spędzonych w muzeum. Doświadczenie w dziedzinie grafiki zdobywał na praktykach w Gabinecie Rycin Biblioteki Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego, jako stypendysta Rządu Francuskiego w Département des Arts Graphiques w paryskim Luwrze oraz w Gabinecie Rycin Polskiej Akademii Umiejętności i Polskiej Akademii Nauk w Krakowie. W DESA Unicum koordynuje aukcje Grafiki Artystycznej w Dziale Sztuki Dawnej.