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The interest in iconic painting is still growing, which is probably due to the diversity of artistic means and the mystery of “writing” icons - a representation “not made by human hand”. The place of the icon in Polish and Christian culture is unique. It has a rich past - the penetration of Russian culture into the territory of Poland was made by the magnate families of Poles and Ruthenians and matrimonial relationships of princes, creating our own iconographic tradition.

On our auctions “Icons and Russian Art” we present both traditional icons with popular representations of Our Lady with the baby Jesus: Kazanskaya, Ivierskaya, the Mother of God “Joy to all who grieve”, the Virgin Hodegetria, the Mother of God of the Sign (Znamenie) or Mary, the Comfort of the Afflicted and Christ Pantokrator and Saviour. It is also worth paying attention to the objects that are less known, but interesting in terms of iconography and to the representations of saints.


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