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Conceptualism can hardly be considered as a trend, a direction or a tendency. It is the so-called conceptual art. The material of conceptualism are not images or sculptures, but thoughts, ideas - concepts. This trend was initiated in New York in the 1960s, based on the ideas of Dadaists, among others: M. Duchamp and K. Schwitters and to some extent on minimal art forms.

Among the items exhibited at the Conceptual Art Auctions there are objects created by the most eminent Polish conceptual artists, including: Ewa Partum, Roman Opałka, Ryszard Winiarski, Edward Krasiński and Kajetan Sosnowski.

Roman Opałka's “Obrazy liczone” has repeatedly broken sales records. At the auction on 29 November 2018 the painting “Detail 2890944 - 2910059” from the series “1965/1 - ∞” reached the amount of 2 200 000 zlotys. On the same auction “Game No. 7” by Ryszard Winiarski was sold for 800 000 zlotys. These examples confirm the interest of Polish collectors in conceptual works and may herald its continuous growth.