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Auctions devoted to the art of the matter feature abstract objects distinguished by their irregular texture. They are often created with a thick layer of paint and various materials such as sand or cement. The uneven texture is combined with rich colours and even with ready made objects.

Art of the matter refers in its creative practice to the idea of collecting. Artists such as Erna Rosenstein or Jadwiga Maziarska used rather low-value newspaper clippings, boxes, boards and broken “junk”, which they wanted to give a completely new rank. Teresa Rudowicz created characteristic collages from cut old prints or manuscripts.

Collectors are increasingly interested in objects on the border of painting and spatial art. At one of the auctions, the work by Tadeusz Brzozowski “Pretzels” was sold for 944 thousand zlotys. Erna Rosenstein's painting “Dying Swan” was auctioned for 306 thousand zlotys.

The most appreciated artists who created new matter include: Tadeusz Brzozowski, Bronisław Kierzkowski, Jan Lebenstein, Jan Tarasin, Jerzy Tchórzewski, Tadeusz Kantor, Aleksander Kobzdej, Rajmund Ziemski, Alfred Lenica and Marian Warzecha.

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Post-War & Contemporary Art
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