About department

Polish design has never been so valued as it is now. Creativity, unique materials and quality of projects have made it popular not only in Poland, but also on global markets.

Thanks to the Design auctions we introduce industrial design and everyday objects onto the art market. We offer a selection of works which fall into categories such as: furniture, lighting, glass, utility and decorative textiles, metalwork. Both the auctions and exhibitions of Design at DESA Unicum (DESA Design Days) are valued by enthusiasts of applied arts.

Items from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s are often gems of Polish design, which we can boast about all over the world. No wonder they attract the attention of collectors. Elegant segment furniture, high quality Ćmielów porcelain, unique coffee and tea sets or souvenirs from the period of the People's Republic of Poland are very popular.

Design Auctions are a response to the growing interest of the public in the works of young Polish designers. The projects of Polish artists can be found not only in museum and gallery exhibitions, but also, or maybe above all, in fashionable cafes, boutiques and hotels.


Cezary Lisowski Specialist +48 22 163 66 51, +48 788 269 908