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Robert Bubel’s paintings record the impressions and fragments of reality from his everyday life which often becomes generalized to such a degree that it becomes our life, encroaching on the area of our intimate recollections. Bubel has a very emotional attitude toward his artistic expression. Those emotions influence the creation of every painting.
Kacper Dudek’s huge canvases are a private laboratory of matter from which he creates his world. Scorching sun, chasing clouds, storms, and black holes in a distant cosmic space are all layered over mathematical drawings of geometric figures. The stacked layers, just like memories or thoughts, create their here and now in the pictures. The many years of the artistic life of poet and director Krzysztof Gruse are probably best described in his own short poem from 2007: “I paint a painting after a painting, almost without looking, I paint in different ways so that it is clearer that I almost do not paint”. Gruse is the author of a brochure titled “Wstęp do teorii średniości” (English: “The Introduction to the Theory of the Average”) – published in the Mózg club in Bydgoszcz in 2000 – about the quest for spirituality in the so-called average things. Jarosław Modzelewski also paints the everyday existence, the setting of the most important events. He always presents the topic in a conventional, simplified manner, although he does not cross the boundary of realism. In Modzelewski’s paintings, people look lonely and helpless in the face of the passing time and of history, even when they are in a group. Wojtek Pietrasz’s melancholy pictures are filled with migrating people and animals, wandering through empty fields and meadows. He has always been attracted to working with the earth, to its smell, consistency, and feel. The small aquarium standing on the window sill in Pietrasz’s room is filled in with earth, plants, and living inhabitants. Artur Przebindowski paints the surface of a city in which all people and all life functions are covered with paint as if with skin under which there is pulsating blood and a million of invisible human stories. Those cities are a pretext for the creation of maps of a personal world, of an independent community of poleis. Artur Trojanowski is an experienced observer who captures time, light, and air flow on canvases. Trojanowski ’s paintings lead us through holes in time and space where, under the closing eyelids, there appears a pulsating shape. Having reduced his compositions to forms which look more like an aura or an energy field, the artist explores the content of subconsciousness.
Agula Swoboda’s painting can be called magic realism. There is even more magic than realism in them. The pictures are inspired by dreaming which takes up a third of our life, while a temporary transition to an animal body allows us to put our life in order, to understand situations so as to be able to find an answer more easily and to manage reality.
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Agula Swoboda
"Managing the fear", 2018
acrylic on canvas, 60 x 45 cm
Price: 3,900 PLN